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Mini Chanel Haul : Blush Horizon de Chanel 'Spring Collection 2012' & Holiday Collection 2011

January 06, 2012

Dear beauties,

I interrupt my intended string of Hong Kong haul posts with a mini Chanel haul. I got 2 items from Chanel recently and I've never stopped using them since!

They are the 'Blush Horizon de Chanel-Soft Glow Blush' from their latest Spring 2012 Collection and a Rouge Allure Laque in 'No.707 Empire' from their recent past Holiday 2011 Collection.

So let's take a closer look at the Blush Horizon de Chanel first...

In terms of packaging, I was humoured by the extra pouch for the brush. Honestly, this does not make it very convenient at all. I would actually prefer the brush to be part of the compact itself, something like my beloved Guerlain Blush-G Serie Noir as featured here. Nonetheless, I must say the brush quality is not too bad at all. It's pretty soft and non-scratchy :)

Pretty, huh?

Now, now... Initially I had my grouses. I wished the stripes were bolder and wider because I found them to be too thin to use the colours individually if I wanted to, but later I discovered that perhaps? Chanel has her reasons creating the blush this way. Maybe all the shades are intentionally meant to be used together to create the 'Soft Glow' as it has been named. And you know what? I couldn't agree more!

You can see in the pictures below.

I am using the Blush Horizon de Chanel and it just illuminates my complexion with a touch of pink that seems to 'glow' from within. I'm starting to sound corny right? But look at more pics!

See what I mean? (Don't mind my crazy hair. I just got back from work and it has been 6 hours and I only blotted once.) But check out the flush in my cheeks. It's so beautiful, right?

I must confess why I am not doing the typical hand swatches first, followed by my close-ups because frankly speaking...

I can't get the blush to show up on my forearm. LOL! See below.

On my arm, it's a very light baby pink colour which barely shows up, but the way the Blush Horizon de Chanel translates on my face is totally a different thing.


Okay, so let's move to my next Chanel love :) It's my latest Rouge Allure Laque in 'Empire'. I've been wanting to get this since it was launched last year in their Holiday 2011 Collection and I finally caved in when I was at Hong Kong's DFS. By the way, I am wearing 'Empire' in my face shots above as well.

Here's some swatch pics of Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 'Empire':


That's about it :) Thanks for looking and drop by again for more pretty stuffs!

With LOVE.

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im lovin it tooooooooo

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it's lovely :)

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this really looks good! (:

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