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February 27, 2011

Bring on the breakdown, beauties!! *ding ding ding!!*

Okay it's time to fess up now.

I am obsessed with taking care of my skin for the year 2011!!

Maybe it's because I'll be hitting the big 3-0 soon and I'm rather paranoid because I've never been a girly-girl throughout my entire life.( I only discovered my obsession for makeup around only a year ago or less when I did my first MAC haul and this is found in my very first entry of this blog. And my oh my how my collection has grown! *shudder*)

So basically, for 20 plus years of my life, I am never concerned with skincare, facial washes, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens and the what-nots. My so-called skincare regime when I was in my teens up till my Uni life was just plain face-washing without soap and then followed by my trustee Nivea Cream on the face. Don't ask me why the Nivea Cream because all I can tell you is it was cheap, smells like my late grandma (whom I love very very deeply) and made me fairer subsequently (this is so true, people!!).

I have never owned a compact powder (even up till now..hehe) except for those 'Johnson&Johnson' kinds cause I was paranoid about the bacteria on the sponge and the need to clean often, and I'm just lazy-like that.  So, on a daily basis the only powder that I put on my face is Johnsons's Baby Powder. The only times I put on makeup before Uni was during my Malay Dance days back in secondary school and on my two wedding days (yupp I was a young Mrs) :D

To cut the long story short, now that I am more aware of the 'damage' I am unconsciously doing throughout the past two decades of my life, I am on PANIC MODE now.

And of course, being the drama queen that I am, I could not settle for just one. Instead I went and got myself TWO popular  Anti-Aging Serums on the market: (final thoughts & reviews will be at the end of the post)

Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum

What they say...

  • Capture Totale intensely corrects the causes of all visible signs of aging.
  • Skin appears younger and deeply radiant.
  • Exceptional cell-regeneration which begins in the stem cells.
  • Delivers twice the level of wrinkle correction, firmness and radiance.
  • MIGHTY INGREDIENTS : Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Longoza & **Detoxinyle

**Detoxinyle is a patented natural algae which the Dior laboratories discovered in the sea depths. This substance transforms the toxins found in the skin into new proteins.These new proteins aid in the absorption of the MIGHTY INGREDIENTS.

For you beauties who are not quite sure what are the roles of the MIGHTY INGREDIENTS:

(a) Retinol - is known for its amazing ability to dramatically improve the appearance of skin. It is mostly used to smooth away wrinkles, decrease fine lines, even out rough spots and bring back an natural color and tone to the skin.

(b) Vitamin C - helps stimulate the growth of collagen, serves as a skin tightening agent, helps reduce fine lines and helps repair sun damaged skin.

(c) Hyaluronic Acid - promotes the formation of collagen.

(d) Longoza - remedies visible signs of aging. Restores a healthy, bright tone & line-free look. Skin appears softer, firmer & better moisturized.

Here's a close up shot... I like that the glass bottle is dark because this prevents sunlight from reacting with the active Vitamin C in the serum, hence the potency of the vitamin is retained. Never get serums with transparent packaging! BIG TIP. And of course, pump style is great too to prevent contamination.


What they say...

  • Visibly rejuvenated skin in just 7 days.
  • Vibrant with youth, skin looks lit from within and breathtakingly radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch.
  • Skin's tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined.


* I can't quite provide you with the ingredients because I threw my box away together with the leaflet that usually comes inside the box. But you can always google it :)

Check out LANCOME Genifique's dropper-style applicator. Pretty nifty, huh?

Now, now... so how do they compare? Results and effectiveness...

I purchased the Lancome Genifique 2 weeks earlier than the Dior One Essential. During that 2 of weeks of using Lancome Genifique, I noticed that my skin was getting progressively clearer and brighter. However, this change was not immediate. It took at least a week and a half to notice any obvious results.

This case wasn't the same for Dior One Essential. I could see almost instant results the very next morning as I use it at night. I will wake up to a more plumped up skin instead of looking sallow. It also makes my skin radiant and the best part is that my skin looks and feels taut. I did not have to wait for a week and a half as comapred to the Genifique. So, in terms of results Dior One Essential totally wins hands down. (pictures of my skin below)

In terms of the texture of the serum, I must say that the Lancome Genifique helps in hurried mornings. The fact that it is a colourless and lightweight (almost like water) texture, it absorbs almost immediatley into the skin. I do not have to wait at all before I carry on with applying any serum. But then again, with it being so easily absorbed, I am very cautious about it being absorbed MORE onto the back of my hand or my fingers! So I will try and spread it quickly all over my face :) hehe

As for the Dior One Essential, as you can see above, it is an opaque white liquid. It's not thick though but it's formula is a teeny-tiny bit tacky. Of course with it being tacky, it does take at least a minute or two to be completely absorbed into the skin.  And even after it has absorbed into your skin, you will still feel some stickiness. Not many will like this feeling (it's the same feeling as having sunscreen lotion on). So, in terms of texture I prefer the Lancome Genifique. I do not entirely mind it though. However, due to this, I choose to use the Dior One Essential at night because I feel that it is really working on my skin thorughout the night :) And it certainly does!!

So, all in all, I find that both serums are effective but they do have their own shortcomings based on your own preferance.

BUT if you asked me to choose which of the two I would re-purchase, it would definitely be the Dior One Capture One Essential Serum! It is effective, shows results fast and I like it's technology (Longoza & patented Detoxinyle) of converting my toxins into new proteins. *Lancome Genifique works in a pretty different way. Instead of converting existing toxins, they encourage the production of new proteins. So, this means that I still have toxins within my skin, so that's not that comforting right?

Dior wins!!

Hope this post has been helpful for some :)

Thanks for reading!

With LOVE.

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Dear!! this review is great... But I am thinking of gtg the Estee Night Repair one. Any chance you've tried that before.. Btw. I have exactly same skin like urs the veins all.. nd its irritating me... Hahaha

posted by

I tried the Estee Lauder Night Repair looong ago as a deluxe sample but stopped using because I didn't quite see any obvious improvement/change. But now I am using the EL Night Repair Eye Cream, now... This stuff's good! :) I am reviewing it soon!!

posted by

YEY!! I was just aiming to get the Estee Eye Cream as well in March!!! Looking forwaRD TO your review!!

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